PROVIDENCE — The 2023 Catholic Foundation of Rhode Island Annual Meeting unfolded gracefully and spiritually as the revered Bishop Henning honored the occasion as the guest and keynote speaker. The event, boasting record attendance, was held on November 9th at Agawam Hunt Country Club and brought together the Foundation’s members, supporters, and friends for a night of reflection, inspiration, and community building.

Opening Ceremonies and Keynote Address:

 The gathering commenced with Bishop Henning delivering a compelling keynote address, weaving together profound spiritual insights and practical guidance for living a life rooted in faith and compassion. His words resonated with attendees as he emphasized the importance of love, kindness, and service in our daily lives. The Bishop’s wisdom and eloquence left a lasting impact, inspiring everyone present to deepen their commitment to the Foundation’s charitable endeavors. Attendees were then welcomed by event host and Leadership Council Member Carol Peterson, who expressed gratitude for everyone’s unwavering support in advancing the Foundation’s mission and charitable initiatives and a deep hopefulness for the future.

Foundation Achievements: 

The event also provided an opportunity to highlight the Catholic Foundation’s achievements over the past year, of which there were many. Various speakers, including Board Chair Michael Woody, Board Treasurer Michael Speidel, and Foundation Executive Director Rich Popovic, reviewed the year, gave a fiscal breakdown, and provided a deeper understanding of the Foundation’s impact. To conclude the speakers, attendees were then graced with Christopher Myron, President of St. Patrick School, who shared stories of student and administrator lives touched and transformed through the Foundation’s initiatives, underscoring the positive impact of collective efforts guided by faith.

All was followed by a beautiful and delicious dinner thanks to the gracious staff at Agawam Hunt. Upon their departure, each attendee was greeted by Bishop Henning, doling out RI’s famous bagel chips to take home.

In closing, the annual meeting of the Catholic Foundation, graced by the presence of Bishop Henning, was an enjoyable experience for all who attended. As the Foundation continues its journey of service, stewardship, and compassion, the words and blessings shared by Bishop Henning, Board Members, and pillars of the community will undoubtedly serve as a guiding light, inspiring individuals to live out the principles of faith, love, charity, AND hope in their daily lives.